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This isn't testimonial this is me thanking Peggy with my whole heart. I thoroughly enjoyed her class and the community she created. It felt like a curated group of artists there to learn and share and all without ego only with positive, collaborative energy. Her works challenged and prepared me for future opportunities. You don't go to school without a notebook and a pen and in order to continue to grow as a writer you must take yourself seriously enough to be prepared. You will need certain tools, Peggy showed us what they when taught us how to do it. She encourages and dares you to do it afraid! Who you see is who she is, genuine and authentic.

Thank you so much Peggy.

Anabel Soto

Absolutely loves the workshop. The space felt completely safe and there was a strong sense of community. Peggy is AMAZING!

Jasmine Gonzalez

Wonderful workshop. Welcoming and encouraging facilitator, participants willing to contributors to the discussion and well-paced activities.

Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa

My experience in today's workshop has been a good one. Writing along with others and prompted by Peggy "The moderator and hostess" has been exciting.

C. Soto Warixi

Your reach is international! For me you've helped me grow in my development as a circle keeper and writer! Please don't stop! I'll never forget when someone said in your circle that we had enough abuelita stories, I remember you pushing back to that agent or that comment. That was powerful because you said there will never be enough Abuelita stories.


Today's session was magic. Brilliant community space. Allowed us all to dig deep in the archaeology of ancestry to find their voice in verse.

Paul LaTorre

Peggy robles offers the best workshops in my experience as a poet. always engaging, always challenging, always inspiring creativity.

Norm Mathmattox

It was such a riveting experience being in community and learning new methods of expression

Amanda Maldonado

Enjoyed the simplicity and to care Peggy took to teach this workshop. Peggy sets the stage early by making the space very welcoming and cozy.

Mario Jose Pagan Morales


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