RoblesWrites Productions, Inc.

What We Do

Robleswrites Productions Inc. is a 501c3 organization that creates literary events that foster intergenerational communal healing, literacy, creativity, and equity for the Bronx and beyond by supporting and publishing writers of color with a special focus on women writers.

The Problem

Lack of diversity in publishing

Industry Overall


There are far less women of color being published


The Solution

Support and publish women writers of color to create changes in the industry


That's Where We Come In!

Robleswrites Productions Programming Includes:

Free or Low-Cost Generative Writing Workshops


Public Readings and Performances Featuring Writers of Color


Professional Development Sessions 


Publishing Opportunities To Help Build A Foundation For Writers

Programs designed to promote writers 

  • Writing Workshops (free to the public)
  • Sponsored book talks and public readings
  • Programming for Bronx Seniors 50+
  • Professional development sessions
  • Curated themed goodie boxes that support writers
  • Women writers published as a result of the support provided by Robleswrites Productions
  • Writers published their writing as a result of the support provided by Robleswrites Productions who do not identify as woman of color

Programming for Bronx Seniors 50+


Professional development opportunities for writers

Robleswrites Productions Creates 

Collaborative Projects With Other Organizations

Bi-monthly virtual generative writing workshop free to the public


Book talks that invite
readers to get in conversation with authors 


Curated themed goodie boxes
that support writers 

Publishing Opportunities Developed by Robleswrites Productions


Ongoing Online Digital Archive To Collect Abuela/ Grandmother Stories launched October 2020 As An extension To The Anthology Published in 2016



An Anthology of Women Writers Published in 2017   


Online Poetry Journal Featuring Writing, Audio, and Artwork of Women of Color Launched April 30, 2021 - nominal sliding scale fee of $3 - $7 to submit work for consideration




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Target Market

Women of Color

Age range 18- beyond unpublished
emerging writers who want to become
published writers.

Writers of color

Age range 18- beyond who need free programming due to financial circumstances.

A population we learned we were serving thanks to our surveys!

All writers

Age range 18- beyond at different stages of their writing careers who seek a different community and affordable professional development services

Writers with disabilities

Age range 18- beyond who can easily access our free virtual programming

Social Impact - Target Market

Tina Marie


A working mother of 3 / Unpublished/ 
Woman Writer of Color/ Fixed income

"This opportunity being offered for free, at a time where I was working 56 hours a week to make ends meet, made it possible for me to participate in this workshop, it allowed me to see myself as more than a worker and mother but as a true artist."



Publishes and performs poetry for the first time

"It changed the trajectory of my writing and daily life. Without the guidance and community gained through this workshop, I don’t think I’d ever have placed myself in the rooms I have."



Publishes poetry on our online platform .
Now a published writer and performance 
poet earning income 

"I have since been published elsewhere as well as gained the opportunities and confidence to feature at many venues."



Writer with disabilities seeking community who can easily access our free virtual programming

"The workshops were instrumental in reconciling how I have always been a writer, even when the whiteness of publishing made me doubt myself, or my disabilities limited productivity. 



Publishes poetry on our online platform Now a published multi- genrewriter and Filmmaker 
on several platforms

I was only able to participate in this workshop thanks to its free offering. I look forward to attending future workshops provided by RoblesWrites Productions, especially given how it offered a space to develop community with other writers."

Why is it important for this workshop to be offered?

-Intergenerational communal healing,
literacy, creativity, equity and accessibility-

Here's what our
participants had to say:

  • "Uplifts the voices of women, trans folks, poc, and writers who need to be heard."

  • "Essentially, after connecting as community, we read/analyze poems, entertain prompts that come from the poems, free write, share with others...The experience augments understanding, empathy, what works poetically all in a very positive and mutually respectful enforcement."

  • "Brown, black an white people of all ages and genders in chatrooms listening to each other read a first draft of what's in their hearts."

  • "I am in love this this space and I feel so supported and empowered."

  • "I've space to poets and writers who may not have resources to participate in events changing"
  • "I live in Maine. these online workshops provide a special type of pandemic support - Being able to interact!"

  • "Peggy's workshops are one of the height-points in my days in the pandemic. I have been exposed to phenomenal poetry, have written a lot, connected with a marvelous community of writers via the workshop. All of this had feed me intellectually, as well as emotionally. I always leave Peggy's workshop glowing!! thank you soooooo much!"

Sustainable Development Goals

Why Is Our Work Important For The Bronx and Beyond?


Our immediate impact goal:

To serve 3,000 writers of color by the end of 2022

Our long term goals

To partner with other organizations and writers from around the world to further diversify publishing and create equity.

Diversity in Publishing Will Not Change Unless We Create Change

Your donations will help us continue to shift the literary landscape.
Please donate!

Our Team

Peggy Robles- Alvarado
Founder & CEO
RobleswritesProductions-Vanessa Chica
Vanessa Chica
Co-Editor and Producer
RobleswritesProductions-Tamara G. Saliva
Tamara G. Saliva
Administrative and
Technical Support
RobleswritesProductions-Katalina Rodriguez Esq
Katalina Rodriguez Esq.
General Counsel
Carmelo Dominguez
Website Design and Maintenance
Peggy Robles-Alvarado
Founder & CEO

Robleswrites Productions


From teen mother to tenured educator, award winning published writer & entrepreneur


Brief Bio. of The Founder: 

Peggy Robles-Alvarado is a Dominican and Puerto Rican Jerome Hill Foundation Fellow in Literature, a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee, and a 2020 Atticus Review Poetry Contest winner. She is also a BRIO award winner with fellowships from CantoMundo, Desert Nights Rising Stars, The Frost Place, Nalac Leadership Institute, Communitas America, and VONA. With advanced degrees in education and an MFA in Performance Studies this former teen mother, and initiated priestess in Lukumi and Palo celebrates womanhood and honors cultural rituals. She’s a three-time International Latino Book Award winner who authored Conversations With My Skin (2011), and Homage To The Warrior Women (2012).

Through Robleswrites Productions, she created (2021), The Abuela Stories Project (2016), and Mujeres, The Magic, The Movement, and The Muse (2017). Her work has been featured on HBO Habla Women, Lincoln Center, Smithsonian Institute- Museum of the American Indian, Pen America World Voices Festival, Pregones Theater, and her poetry appears online in,, The Quarry at Split This Rock, The Common,, Centro Voices Letras Literary Journal, and Peggy’s poetry has also been published in several anthologies including The Breakbeat Poets Vol. 4: LatiNext (2020), and What Saves Us: Poems of Empathy and Outrage in the Age of Trump (2019). For more please visit

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